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We have a Vast selection of Wooden Doors for any of your needs.

Our range of doors are made from the most precious timbers. We offer also the possibility to combine wood with innovative materials such as aluminium, glass, and high gloss inserts and panels.

All our door models are available in Normal left or right opening, external sliding, pocket sliding ( inside gypsum walls).

Main Doors

All our models come also as Main Doors, were in this case the door will come with security hinges, 2 different types of security locks, and also built in steel plates.

All our door models can come in made to measure sizes to the nearest centimetre.


We offer normal opening or sliding wardrobes that match every door model, without dimensions or design limitations.

You will be able to unify your whole home by including wardrobe fronts with the same model, wood, lacquer and finish as our door series.

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