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We offer 2 main product ranges which give you the best technology
for saving energy and lots of other benefits to impove your home:

Energy saving ROOF INSULATION in Malta

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Energy WINDOW GLAZING systems in Malta

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Our energy saving glass system

The double window glass system solar|more is the base for an energy upgrade to any new or existing building.

  1. By using adore more frames (aluminium or PVC) and selecting the solar|more double glass system, we drastically improve the effective use of energy in any older construction, surpassing even the most modern standards and fulfilling the requirements for a potential renovation grant. More specifically, when these frames are used with other adore more insulating materials, like Νovablok™ xps , they provide a complete solution for the energy needs of any new or older construction.

  2. Unique advantages at any time of the year
    In the winter, the solar|more system provides three times more thermal insulation than the common double glass frames, and it offers you unique advantages:

    • It minimizes the creation of cold spots inside and the entrance of cold air from outside, even when there is a large glass surface
    • It drastically reduces the heating cost since it prevents any loss of heat
    • It improves the blending in of every building in the environment that surrounds it, due to the significant reduction of energy consumption
    • It reduces the formation of humidity inside the glass panels as they stay adapt to the room temperature
    • It keeps the house cooler inside by keeping the solar heat outside
    • It significantly reduces the consumption of energy for cooling when an air conditioner is used
    • It prevents UV radiation from entering

  3. Innovation and economy all year long
    The solar|more double glass system can be applied equally successful to new as well as to older buildings which upgrade their energy consumption level, since its main specifications and its easy installation make it appropriate for a great variety of applications. It perfectly combines luminosity, thermal insulation and energy saving, also allowing the construction of big window casing for extended surfaces, without any loss of energy and at affordable cost. The living and working conditions in spaces protected by solar|more system type window casing, become more comfortable than ever, and the cost of heating and cooling are reduced significantly.

How the solar|more system works

The transparent metal coating which covers the non-accessible surface of the glass panel that is placed in an interior space and the interference of the inert gas argon between the glass panels of the solar|more system provide exceptional thermal insulation as they do not allow any temperature loss.

At the same time, they effectively control solar heating, reflect ultraviolet radiation, and allow the free heating power of the sun and its light to enter a place freely.

In such a way, they contribute to the maintenance of the desired internal temperature, having fewer expenses for heating and cooling, during winter and summer. The external appearance of the window casing system solar|more is transparent and differs slightly from that of a common double glass system.

Characteristics of the glazing

The percentage of solar light entering an area

Solar factor 0.44(40%)
The solar factor indicator measures the percentage of solar energy (heat) passing through the glass panels of a casing to enter an area.

The lower the indicator, the more effective is the protection from the sun the case provides.

U-value 1.1 W/(m2K)( including Argon)
The U-value indicator measures the amount of the internal heat, which passes through the glass panels of a casing and gets lost.

The lower the indicator, the smaller the heat loss and, consequently, the stronger its insulating power.


The novablok Terrace is the new innovation offered by adore more, which ensures the thermal insulation of any roof. A composite thermal plate (dimensions: 60cm x 30cm) ideal for inverted insulation. It consists of an extruded polystyrene heat insulating novablok xps plate and two skid proof tiles for external use (dimensions: 30cm x 30cm).

The leading solution for the insulation of the roof

  1. Excellent thermal insulation and aesthetic design combining novablok xps extruded polystyrene with two skid proof tiles for exterior use.
  2. Complete compatibility with the hosting roof.
  3. Perfect solution for existing structures because of the low weight/m2ratio. The low weight of novablok Terrace (20kg/m2) puts a minimum static pressure on the chamber; making it, thus, suitable for use even in old buildings, without the need for removal of the existing base structures.
  4. The lateral rib configuration ensures easy and fast installation; excluding the creation of thermal bridges and resulting in maximum stability.
  5. Excellent dimensional stability and no rift.
  6. Ultimate resistance to frost and extreme weather conditions.
  7. High resistance to compression.
  8. Solution of high architectural aesthetics.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimension: 60cm x 30cm
  • Weight: 20kg/m2
  • Thickness of the insulating material novablok xps: 50mm & 70mm
  • Thermal conductivity the insulating material novablok (λ): 0,033 & 0,035
  • Plate Type: massive antifreeze 30cm x 30cm (2 units)
  • Plate thickness: 8mm

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