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PVC windows in Malta

PVC Kommerling Profile system

Adore more offers the best quality pvc product that one can buy on the market. Our Window profiles vary from 3 channel to 6 channel profile, and all giving the best thermal and sound insulation that one must have in today’s architecture. All our profile systems come in 10 different colours of which 3 are wooden textured. Matching to all our pvc profiles we can also offer insect screens and rolling shutters that offer high security and wind protection.

Below you have a brief description of the advantages that our product offers, for more detail information.

Thermal Insulation / Economy

Protection against heat and cold, energy saving, sound insulation, weather tightness, controlled ventilation, improvement of living standard

Synthetic frames not only contribute to the reduction of energy related expenses, since significant protection against heat and cold also signifies the reduction in the consumption of heating and air conditioning power, but they also reduce environmental pollution. The operation of synthetic frames is not affected even by the most adverse climatic conditions, such as extreme temperatures or sea winds. No special care is needed. Durability, dimensional stability and smooth surface ensure the long life of synthetic frames.

Sound Insulation

Sound insulation. Safeguarding your health

Noise pollution is responsible for series of conditions affecting hearing, which may have an impact on a person’s mental balance. Effective sound insulation is not simply a matter of comfort, but plays a main role in the well-being of humans. Given that windows actually are the thinnest parts of a house’s shell, they drastically affect the sound insulation of buildings.

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